Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid – Configuring Evolution To Connect to Hotmail / Windows Live Mail

Sometimes it is nice to have a local copy of your email in an email client, so today I am configuring Evolution in Ubuntu 10.4 to connect to my Hotmail account.

First click the envelope icon at the top of the screen and then select Set Up Mail from the drop down menu.

The Evolution Setup Assistant will open – click the Forward button to continue. We are not restoring from a previous backup so click Forward again.

On the Identity window enter your full name and email address and click Forward.

Configure the Receiving Email screen as pictured below and then click Forward:

On the next page of the wizard I checked the boxes to Check for new messages every ten minutes and to Leave messages on server – you can configure this screen however it suits you best. Click Forward.

Configure the Sending Email screen as pictured below and then click Forward:

Note: Use smtp.live.com:587 if port 25 does not work (as per Ed’s response in the Comments below).

On the Account Management screen simply provide a name by which you would like to refer to this email account, such as “Personal” for example, then click Forward.

Click Apply to finish the wizard and Evolution will open and prompt you for your Hotmail / Live email password. Enter your password and leave the Remember this password box checked (unless you want to enter your password each time you open Evolution).

That’s it – Evolution will now download your email from Windows Live!

Source: Jaqoup’s Weblog

82 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid – Configuring Evolution To Connect to Hotmail / Windows Live Mail

  1. live email same as old hotmail?

    still having problem getting email from my hotmail account. There is no prompt to ask me key in the password for login…..

    1. My email account was originally hotmail and is now a Live account.

      Have you tried restarting Evolution or pressing Send/Receive?

  2. I followed all the steps but still getting a prompt that says

    unable to connect to POP server pop3.live.com
    ERROR sending user name: – ERR command not expected now

    whenever I try and type in my password

  3. Nice! It works perfectly. I’ve accumulated about 10000 e-mails over the years, and I’ve been too lazy to go through and delete them page by page. I just get too much spam, but now I can finally have a cleaned out hotmail. Thanks!

    1. In Evolution click Edit and then Preferences. Select your email account and then click Edit. Click the Receiving Options tab and then check the Leave messages on the server checkbox.

      The Preferences screens are the same ones that the wizard takes you through when you initially set up the account ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Muy buenas necesito ayuda con lo del live mail instale ayer ubuntu 10.4 y sigo todos los pasos que hay en este tutorial y nada me sale el mensaje de error en la identificacion y no hay forma porfavor necesito ayuda tengo una pequeรฑa web y foro pero consistema de registros y necesito tener esas cuentas,alquien sabe alguna manera de poder hacerlo a fecha de hoy 3 – 9 -2010?…

    [Babelfish translation] Very good I need aid with the one live mail installs ubuntu 10,4 yesterday and itself all the steps that are in this tutorial and nothing leave the message to me error in the identification and there is no porfavor form I need aid I have a small Web and forum but consistema of registries and need to have those accounts, alquien knows some way to be able to do it to date of today 3 – 9 -2010? โ€ฆ

  5. thanks alot mate!
    Been looking around for one of these guides for some time. And finding this one satiesfied my need and some. Great guide!

  6. i get a connection time out error trying to send email. downloading email onto the desktop works fine. i tried both port 25 and 587

  7. Thanks for this guide but my problem now is that LIVE MAIL does not show in my Evo’s side pane (the other 2 emails – pop & imap) are there. Could you help please? TIA .e.

    1. Can you post what your send and receive settings are (but not your email / password)? Do you have the ports set correctly as per the screen-shots in the blogpost?

      1. i copied the screen shots exactly and it still keeps giving me the connection timeout error.

        are there any settings that need to be configured on the hotmail side?

      2. Nothing needs to be configured on the hotmail end of things. Have you tried smtp.live.com:587 instead of smtp.live.com:25?

      3. yeah i tried port 587 aswell. i guess ill just have to settle for a shortcut on my desktop haha. thanks for all ur help mike. not many people will reply to comments let alone so fast.

      4. Are you trying to get this working on Lucid or something else? Have you configured a firewall on your installation – and if so, opened the ports in the firewall?

    2. i just noticed my torrent applications are connecting at all either. Would you know of anything that would stop Evolution and Azureus from doing what they need to?

      1. So you have no internet connectivity at all in Maverick? If you are using ethernet check the cable connection at both ends – unplug and plug in again. Wireless try reconfiguring your connection again. Run ifconfig and or iwconfig (for wireless) to check for a valid IP address on your local network. Running lspci will list your detected hardware so it is worth taking a look at that too.

  8. Question before I set it up: Doesn’t this empty your Hotmail inbox online? Or does it only download a copy of the emails?

    1. As you work through the setup wizard there is an option to leave messages on server – you’ll see this step as you read through my blog post.

  9. Hmm… I am trying to setup my hotmail again with ubuntu. Previously with Evolution steps somehow didn’t work.

    I am trying with Thunderbird but still get timeout error…

    Any guide on how to tackle this?

    Or anyone got any idea what is blocking?

    I have increase the timeoff to 240 but still the same ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. hi Mike

    thanks for this i was wounding if it is also possible to download messages from other folders in hotmail and not just the inbox. i have some filters setup on the emails account so some messages go stright to there folders and would like them to appear in the software also.

    thanks again

  11. I’m getting an error sending an email: “Error while Sending message.
    Could not connect to smtp.live.com: Input/output error”
    What’s that means? I’m new in ubuntu and i need some help, please :/

  12. i have followed each tutorial to the letter and i still cant get evo to work with my hotmail accounts, im using 11.04 and i keep gettin a message saying

    error sending password ERR authentication failed

    im definitely using the correct passwords i just cannot get it to work


  13. I’m using 11.04 and I can’t send emails either. I tried both 587 and 25. Please Advise. Thanks in Advance.

    1. If you have the server set as SMTP with smtp.live.com:25 or 587 and TLS encryption with your full email address specified then I don’t know why it is not working for you – I just tested it on 11.4 and it’s working fine for me.

  14. I could never access my MSN (=Hotmail, =Windows Live) email account under Ubuntu 10.10, but then I hadn’t found this article before. I’ve just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and had another go at accessing my email account, having found this article – and it worked first time! Brilliant – thanks for your help.

  15. I’m in the same case as C.Underpants :

    >”Iโ€™m using 11.04 and I canโ€™t send emails either. I tried both 587 and 25. Please Advise. Thanks in >Advance.”

    I can receive emails though.

    My mail is ***something***@msn.com, could it change something ?

      1. Yes.

        My smtp seems to stay at “sending mail 1 of 1” forever…

        Alse, it sends to smtp.email.msn.com even if I entered smtp.live.com…

        Is it normal ?

  16. Ok, corrected that (don’t know what happened my settings were right… had to reinstall evolution to get it correct)

    Well, it works now ! Thanks !

  17. Funciona correctamente con Linux=ubuntu 11.04…ok! buen aporte! LiNUX…. : …..libertad!

    Translated: Works fine with Linux = Ubuntu 11.04 … ok! good contribution! Linux …. : ….. Freedom!

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