My Favourite Settings for the LG G6

I got an LG G6 a few months ago and found some interesting tweaks on YouTube last night – these are my favorites, so far:

1. Speed up transition animations.

Transition animations take place when you navigate the User Interface on your phone. Shortening these transitions will make this experience feel more responsive. For example, the app drawer will open more quickly.

  • Tap Settings, scroll down to the System heading at the bottom of the list. Tap About phone and then Software Information.
  • Tap Build number until you see the pop-up message, You are now a developer!
  • Go back to the Settings page and then tap Developer options. You will see the following message:

Warning! Turning on developer options might result in irregular behavior on your device. These options are recommended only for advanced users.

If you are comfortable with this then proceed as follows:

  • Scroll down to the Drawing section of the page and change the Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale values from 1x to .5x.

You will now find navigating around your phone much snappier.

2. Turn off Bluetooth scanning.

Turing off Bluetooth scanning will improve battery life:

  • Tap Settings and then scroll down to the Personal heading.
  • Tap Location, and then tap the more options menu (the three vertical dots at the top right) and then tap the scanning pop-up.
  • Set Bluetooth scanning to off.

3. Turn on Low power localization estimation.

Turning on this feature will improve location performance while conserving battery.

  • Tap Settings and then scroll down to the Personal heading.
  • Tap Location, and then check that Low power localization estimation is turned on.

4. Customize lock screen application shortcuts.

Customizing lock screen application shortcuts allows you to get to a frequently used app straight from the lock screen:

  • Tap Settings, Lock screen, and then Shortcuts and then select the five applications that you want to appear on your lock screen.

5. Double tap the screen to turn it on or off.

This feature allows you to glance at your lock screen simply by double-tapping the screen to turn it on and off:

  • Tap Settings then Display and scroll down to the bottom and check that KnockON is set to On.


The YouTube Tech Guy: How To Make Your LG G6 Faster & Improve Your Battery Life

Droid Life: 20+ LG G6 Tips and Tricks!

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