VMware vSphere – Deploy .ovf Error:vim.fault.FileNotFound

I recently upgraded my vSphere host from vSphere 5.5 to 7.0. When I tried to deploy one of my .ovf backups I experienced the following error:


This error means that the .ovf still has an .iso image connected to it. To fix this issue we will need to delete the associated .mf file and edit the .ovf file.

Note: the .mf file is a manifest file that contains a hash for the .vmdk and .ovf files. vSphere checks these hashes when deploying .ovf files. Since editing the .ovf will break the hash we need to delete the .mf file to import the edited .ovf into vSphere.

To disconnect the .iso from the .ovf follow these steps:

  • delete the associated .mf file
  • open the .ovf file using notepad and delete the following section
      <Item ovf:required="false">
        <rasd:ElementName>CD-ROM 1</rasd:ElementName>
  • save the ovf file

vSphere will now be able to deploy the .ovf file.

Unmount local ISO before making it an OVF Template – jermsmit.com

2 thoughts on “VMware vSphere – Deploy .ovf Error:vim.fault.FileNotFound

  1. Bingo! I even checked beforehand to make sure I didn’t have any ISO loaded into the cd but there it was. Thanks!

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