Windows 8.1 – VMware Player and Hyper-V are not compatible

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I have the Hyper-V role enabled on Windows 8.1 for VS Express Windows Phone Emulation. The problem is this error when I try to run a VMWare Player virtual machine:

VMware Player and Hyper-V are not compatible. Remove the Hyper-V role from the system before running VMware Player.

The workaround is to disable Hyper-V so that you can use VMWare.

To do this open an Administrator Command Prompt, enter this command and then reboot:

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

Hyper-V can be enabled again with this command (which also requires a reboot):

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto


23 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 – VMware Player and Hyper-V are not compatible

  1. For me, in my Windows Server 2012, even after running the above BCEdit command to turn off hypervisor, I am getting the same error “vmware player and hyper-v-are-not-compatible”, when i try to turn on a VM. Can Someone help me? I even re-started my Windows Server 2012 remote machine on AWS.

    1. I haven’t used AWS but I would imagine that this is a limitation of running Server 2012 on AWS, in that it is not the same as running Server 2012 directly on a physical box.

    2. I got also the same problem “vmware player and hyper-v-are-not-compatible” event if execute the above command. i don’t know how to fix. I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 installed and i don’t want to remove it

  2. Coincidence or not, my windows is broken, won’t reboot anymore after I entered the first command and tried to reboot…

      1. You have to disable Hyper-V and reboot to use VMWare. Then you have to enable Hyper-V and reboot when you want to use Hyper-V.

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