Outlook.com – Windows 10 Shared Calendar Time Out


So I have been having a couple of issues with shared calendars on Outlook.com using Windows 10.

The first issue is the regular reminders I get telling me that  I need to ‘fix my account’ settings for my wife’s shared calendar. When I try to fix this, and provide her password and PIN, I am told that the PIN is incorrect – despite resetting her PIN.

The second issue is that (all of a sudden) my wife can no longer see my shared calendar – so time to fix this!

Simply sharing my calendar again did not work – I just got a spinning circle next to the “Adding calendar …” status and nothing happened.

To resolve the issue I had to remove my wife’s PIN from all of her computers. After rebooting them I re-shared my calendar and it worked.

Refer to the steps below to see how to reset your PIN and share your Calendar.

How to reset your PIN


To remove your PIN click Start, then type Settings and open the Settings app. Navigate to Accounts, Sign-in options and then under the PIN heading click the Remove button.


How to Share your Calendar

First access your Calendar here: https://outlook.live.com/owa/

Click Share from the toolbar and then select the calendar you want to share.

Share Calendar

Note: If you are already sharing this calendar with the intended recipient click the trash can icon next to their name to revoke their permissions.

Next, enter the email address of the person you want to share your calendar with then click the Share button and then Done.

Share Calendar 2

Hope that this helps someone else out there!

Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid – Import Outlook PST into Evolution

Moving email from Outlook (2003) to Evolution turned out to be easy-peasy (and not the nightmare that I had assumed it might be).

  • In Evolution click File and then Import to open the Evolution Import Assistant.
  • Click Forward and then click Import a single file.
  • Browse to the location of your Outlook .pst file and then click Forward.

  • Select the items that you want to import and then click Forward through the rest of the wizard.

I only had email to import and everything went smoothly with the exception of some emails having the wrong date or no date at all. I can’t really complain as the affected emails were very old and from a bunch of different ISPs (before I even got my first Hotmail account).

Well done Evolution!