Moving from Windows 10 Mobile to Android – Tip 2 – Playing Music Offline with Groove Music

The need for a new phone, the lack of Windows 10 Mobile hardware on any carriers, and the need to switch carriers saw me waving goodbye to Windows 10 Mobile yesterday.

And so, I found myself in the position of needing to move my data from Microsoft services to Android / Google.

On Windows 10 I had long been ripping my Cds to mp3 and copying them directly to the Music folder on my SD card on Windows Phone. All I had to do in Groove on my phone was point the app to the folder with my music and I could listen to everything offline.

I found it rather odd that Groove on Android did not behave the same way. I tried copying my music directly to the Music folder on my phone but could not see any option to point Groove to that folder.

The rather odd solution is to use OneDrive to sync music between Windows and Android (which takes time).

I copied my mp3 file structure from my SD card to my PC and then up to the Music folder on OneDrive.  When the upload was eventually complete I could finally see my music on my Android phone. From the Groove hamburger menu I selected My music and then clicked the Refine drop down menu and selected OneDrive from the list.

But, at this point my music was still not available offline. I had manually tell Groove to download each album, from OneDrive, one at a time. To do this tap on an album and then tap the ellipsis menu and select Download from the list. Repeat for each album!

What should have been a simple process ended up being rather cumbersome. Sure, I could have just copied my music to the phone and used the stock Android music player – but I wanted to use Groove, because I like the dark theme.

Clearly the Windows Phone app is more refined – shocker!

Visual Studio 2013 – Quick Troubleshooting


I ran into a couple of small issues with Visual Studio 2013 today. First I moved my Projects folder into my OneDrive folder so that I could easily sync projects between machines. After that I uninstalled all of my instances of Visual Studio and then just installed Visual Studio 2013 Express.

When I tried to open a project from my OneDrive folder Visual Studio threw up an error saying Visual Studio only supports Windows Store Apps.

This was fixed by making the Projects  folder available offline in OneDrive. I had tried to make it available earlier but it was still syncing and then I forgot to do it again …

After uninstalling and then reinstalling Visual Studio I found that there was not any emulator available and building a solution gave me the following errors:

  • There were deployment errors
  • HRESULT: 0x89721500

This was resolved by deleting all of the folders in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Phone Tools\CoreCon\ except for the highest numbered one which in my case was 12.0.

I deleted folders 10.0 and 11.0 just to be 100% clear.