Enemy Territory – Cannot Adjust Gamma (Brightness)

Windows 8 Logo

I just installed Enemy Territory on Windows 8.1 and ran into a problem – I could not adjust the brightness (gamma) in the game. The slider would work and the brightness would flicker but then return to the default value.

I tried adjusting the Compatibility mode for the game and tried adjusting the gamma using the console in game:

/set r_gamma 1.5
/r_ignorehwgamma 1

The error in the console was this:

set DeviceGammaRamp failed

The solution turned out to be very simple – just turn off f.lux and everything was OK again!

If you have not heard of f.lux before it is a program that makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day.

Enemy Territory: How to install Omnibot on Jaymod

I am not sure when Onminbot 0.7 will work on Jaymod so I decided to give installing Omnibot 0.66 a go on my Jaymod 2.18 test server.

The first hurdle (for me) is that glibc is not installed in Ubuntu JeOS and initially I thought that I needed to install it from source – fortunatley I found that I could just do this instead:

sudo aptitude install glibc-source

Then I downloaded Omnibot 0.66 and extracted it and then copied the Omnibot and Omni-bot folders to the enemy-territory folder on my server.

Now that the Onmibot files are in place I needed to tell Jaymod where to find them – so I opened up server.cfg in the Jaymod folder and added the following (just change the path to your own Enemy Territory installation path):

set omnibot_path = "/home/etserver/enemy-territory/omni-bot/"

I found that there were still a couple of things that I needed to do to actually get Omnibot to work and to get some bots to play against … the first was because Omnibot produced an error when I ran the server:

OMNIBOT: load '/home/etserver/enemy-territory/omni-bot/omnibot_et.so': 
failure: libstdc++.s o.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or 

A quick google and I found how to install libstdc++.s o.5:

sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

Great, so I ran the server again and Omibot loaded but there were no bots … so I made some changes to /home/etserver/enemy-territory/omni-bot/et/scripts/et_autoexec.gm. This is where you can change your bot settings and I just un-commented the following two lines to quickly get some bots up and running:

// Set minbots/maxbots on map start

Visit the Omnibot site for more information about Omnibot!

Enemy Territory: How to make a transparent watermark for ETPro with GIMP

In this tutorial I am going to convert the ETPro logo into a watermark for an ETPro server. If you don’t have GIMP installed download it from here.

Once you have the logo open in Gimp select the magic wand tool: 

Hold the shift key and select all of the black areas of the logo until the whole image is selected.

Click Edit and then Copy.

Next click File then New to open a new window.

Set the Image Size to 256 x 256 pixels.

Expand the Advanced Options and set the Fill with drop down menu to Transparency.

Click OK.

In the new window click Edit and then click Paste. Now we have the logo with a transparent backhround.

save the image as a .tga file.

Now we need to create a .pk3 file with the watermark in it that we can upload to our etpro server.

So, create a folder on the desktop called watermark. Open the watermark folder and create another folder, I will call mine pow. Open the pow folder and put your .tga file inside this folder. Mine is called pow.tga.

Now return to your desktop so that you can see the watermark folder. Select it and make it into a compressed zipped folder. Now change file file extension from watermark.zip to watermark.pk3.

Upload this .pk3 file to the etpro folder on your server.

The final step is to add the following line to server.cfg in the etpro folder on your server:

set b_watermark pow/pow

Here the first pow refers to the folder in our pk3 file and the second pow refers to the file name of our .tga file.

Reboot the server, and viola!

Enemy Territory: ETPro Semi-admin setup

I’ve just figured out how to setup etpto semiadmin which allows for the use of rcon commands without using the rcon password!

Simply create a file called etpro.cfg in the etpro folder on your ETPro server:

//semi admin levels - 0 disables semiadmin. You can have up to 99 semiadmin
//levels. Here 1 states that there is one semiadmin logon
set b_semiadminlevels 1

//semi admin password. If we were defining a second semiadmin password then 
//we would set a password for semiadminpass2, and so on through to 
//semiadminpass99 if required.
set b_semiadminpass1 "password"

//semi admin commands - this defines which rcon commands the user of a 
//given seminadmin password can execute. In this example, the ability to 
//kick players.
set b_semiadmincmds1 "kick"

All that is left to do then is to add +exec etpro.cfg to the bash script that starts the server!