Windows Phone Dev – XAML: Text Wrap and Text Trimming at the same time


Windows Phone typically uses a large font for headings, and this is great – until you have a lot of text.

By default headings will just run off the side of the screen, which for my app is not optimal. Turning on Text Wrapping is the next step – but that is not a great solution if you suddenly have three lines of very large text.

The solution would appear to be to simply use Text Wrapping and Text Trimming at the same time, but that doesn’t work until you specify the height of the textblock:

<TextBlock x:Name="AppCommand"
                       Text="{Binding Title}"
                       Style="{ThemeResource HeaderTextBlockStyle}" />

The MaxHeight property is something you will have to play around with depending on your needs, but as you can see I have limited my heading to two lines which is what I wanted to achieve:



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