Windows Phone 8 Dev – Adding the Tilt Animation


On Windows Phone the Tilt animation is the subtle effect that is employed when you tap on an item and expect an action. It provides visual feedback that something is about to happen. You will see this effect every time you tap a tile on your on your Windows phone.

This effect requires the Windows Phone Toolkit to be installed so let’s take care of that first.

In Visual Studio click the Tools menu, Nuget Package Manager and then Package Manager Console. At the Package Manager prompt type the following:

install-package wptoolkit

Next add the toolkit namespace prefix to the page you are working on:


To enable the Tilt effect on the page simply add this within the phone:PhoneApplicationPage tags:


This will enable the Tilt effect for the entire page.

It should not have any performance hit on your application and it is a nice bit of polish to add to your app.



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