Surface Pro 3 – Quick Tip – Alt F4 does not work …

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The Type cover for the Surface Pro 3 is a little different than your regular laptop keyboard.

The function keys dim and brighten the back-light on the Type cover and open Windows functions such as Search, Sharing, Devices and Settings (amongst other things).

Surface Pro 3 Type Cover Function Keys

This can be pretty helpful – depending on what you are doing – but this default configuration means that one of my most used keyboard shortcuts Alt + F4 is not available.

The first solution is to just use Fn + Alt + F4 instead.

Otherwise pressing and holding the Fn key and then pressing Caps toggles the functionality of the top row of keys on the Type cover so that you can use Alt + F4. This is a toggle though – once you can use Alt + F4 you have to toggle back to use the default (pictured) functionality of these keys.

6 thoughts on “Surface Pro 3 – Quick Tip – Alt F4 does not work …

  1. hi . do you know how to access F4 from the virtual surface keypad on the surfacepro 3 . that is, when using just the tablet without the clipped on keyboard, how do i do an F4 ???

    1. To get a full virtual keyboard swipe from the right to bring up the Charms bar, then tap PC Settings. Under PC and Devices then go to Typing and there is a toggle for Add the standard keyboard layout as the touch keyboard option. That way you can do Fn, Alt F4.

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