Inkscape – Change the white background workspace to a transparent color

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If you want to change the default workspace color in Inkscape from white to another color – here’s how to do it:

  • Press Ctrl, Shift and D to open the Document Properties window
  • Click on the Background color


  • Change the RGBA value to 888888FF


Note: 888888 defines the color in hex – FF makes the color fully transparent.

Your workspace will now have a grey background.


7 thoughts on “Inkscape – Change the white background workspace to a transparent color

  1. This does not change Inkscape’s background. It changes the *image’s* background. It does not affect any default setting, only the file you are currently working on. If you export a png after this, the png’s background will be grey.

  2. When I’m working with PNGs I’m generally going to save with a transparent background anyway. But that is good to know. Hadn’t bothered to try it yet with a solid background.

  3. Setting the alpha channel to 100% will mean the colour is 100% opaque, not transparent. That’s made pretty apparent by the slider labelled A with a transparent checker board at 0%, and a fully opaque shade at 100%.

  4. I’ve changed the background on my project as mentioned at beginning of this thread. I’d like to know how to get the document to print with a grey background. Do I have to draw a rectangle around my entire page, and reorder objects to get this done? I was hoping this would be a 1 click option to set the background…

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