17 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 – Remote Desktop – Your Credentials Did Not Work

  1. Hey Mike,
    I’m having a different issue that Microsoft can’t seem to troubleshoot: my credentials work fine on the Remote Desktop login, I even see my virtual desktop with picture and icons, and then right when it ‘should’ give me control over the remote machine, it pops up an error message stating that ‘There was a problem with the Remote Desktop, the program will now close.’ No error code or anything specific. I’m trying to remote from a new Asus laptop running Win 8.1 to my work desktop which is Win XP. I was able to make the connection a few times when I first got the laptop, then one day it just stopped working. I’ve tried all the usual things like turning printer and device drivers off, making sure sharing is enabled on both machines, etc. Our IT guy at work was stumped when I showed him. Have you seen anything like this before?

    1. Did you check Event Viewer on the XP machine for errors? That’s where I would start. I haven’t seen this exact problem before.

  2. Spent a hour or 2 trying to figure out what security permission setting needed changed. Then, I noticed the Microsoft domain thing, but was like how do I change that? /headscratch

    This fixed it in an instant. Thanks so much!

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