Quick-Tip – Delete Media from Windows 8 Phone (Nokia Lumia 520)


Deleting music and video from Windows 8 Phone is not immediately intuitive because after opening the Music + Videos app the tap and hold function only brings up Pin to Start option.

To actually delete a file you have to swipe over to collection first – so to delete a video for example:

Tap Music + Videos, swipe to collection and then tap on videos. Tap and hold on the item you want to delete and then tap delete from the pop-up menu.

6 thoughts on “Quick-Tip – Delete Media from Windows 8 Phone (Nokia Lumia 520)

  1. Hi so I’ve recently bought a Nokia Lumia 520, I searched on the internet about how to delete a video on this phone. I tried to do what a lot off comments advised which was go to music + videos go on collection, tap on what you want to erase and and an option list will appear. THIS DOESN’T WORK!!!!! Just go to camera a flick through to find what you want to delete, an option bar is presented at the bottom, there is a symbol of a trash can, click that and your video will be deleted. Hope this helps 😊

    1. Thanks Nicole, things have changed on Winodws Phone since I wrote this πŸ™‚ Glad you figured it out πŸ™‚

    2. Thanks it’s taken me 2 years to work this out! But on Lumia 630 you don’t use keys at the bottom of the screen, just press on the video until options menu appears, then hit delete. For some reason when you choose “select”, all the photos are lit up ready for editing / deleting but videos you have to deal with individually.

  2. Ok so how do u delete an image from a deleted video? I deleted a video from my lumia 8210 ages ago but an image from it won’t go away from the ‘my collection’ area of the ‘video’ section of the phone. Ok the vid won’t play but I really don’t want the image showing. Thanx.

    1. Does the image show up anywhere else on your phone? What happens when you tap and hold on the image, do you get any kind of menu pop up?

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