Windows 8 – Removing the HomeGroup Icon from the Desktop

For some strange reason Windows 8 just decided to add a HomeGroup icon to my desktop. The icon cannot be deleted from the desktop in the normal manner – but fortunately removing the icon from the desktop was straight-forward.

My PC was not a member of a HomeGroup – you can easily leave a HomeGroup as follows: On the Start screen press the Windows + C keys to bring up the Charms menu and then click the Settings Icon. Click Change PC SettingsĀ and then click HomeGroup on the left pane followed by the Leave HomeGroup button on the right pane.

After leaving your HomeGroup the next step is to disable the HomeGroup services.

On the start screen type services.msc and click on the services button in the search results.

Disable the following services:

  • HomeGroup Listener
  • HomeGroup Provider

Services can be disabled as follows – right click on the service, select Properties and then set the Startup type to Disabled and then click OK.

Perform this task for each of the services mentioned above and then reboot.


6 thoughts on “Windows 8 – Removing the HomeGroup Icon from the Desktop

  1. Thanks. That definately works. It mysteriously appeared after the last ms update and reboot. Although homegroup is okay, its just i dont need the Icon on the desktop.

  2. I WANT Homegroup capabilities, though. I just want to get rid of the damn Homegroup icon on the desktop. Please edit your post to differentiate between the two.

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