Windows 8: WordPress Application Update

Not too long ago I said that I would be unlikely to use the Windows 8 WordPress App again because of its limited functionality.

I have installed the application again as new features have been added (and I would like to keep track of its development).

There is a new My Blog tab that let’s you sign into one blog. This gives you a list view of your posts and a nice view of a post when you click on it.

Curiously text cannot be selected when viewing a post – hopefully something that may come with future development?

There is also a Blogs I Follow tab which does not work for me as I am not following any blogs on WordPress – when I click the tab I am returned to the desktop.

I did not see any new features for posting to WordPress (which is disappointing) but I will keep an eye on this application hoping for better as time goes on (Windows 8 and the Windows Store applications are still young after all).

So, not a whole lot new to see, but at least some progress … and the focus on content is quite well done.


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