xbmcbuntu 11 (Eden) – YouTube Plugin 3.1 Playback Issue

I recently installed the TubeToTV extenstion for the Chromium browser in Ubuntu 12.04 so that I could send YouTube videos from my laptop to my xmbc Media Center. I was surprised when I got a Playback error message.

I soon found that the issue was not with the TubeToTv extension but with the YouTube (3.1) Plugin on xbmc.

Fortunately a kind fellow called anteo had already stepped in to fix the extension – so I can now play YouTube videos on xbmc and use the TubeToTV extenstion too!

The fix is as follows – open a terminal and shh into your xbmc:

ssh user@ipaddress

Use the username and IP adddress of your xmbc.

Retrieve two plugins using wget:

wget https://dl.dropbox.com/u/33024933/plugin.video.youtube.zip
wget https://dl.dropbox.com/u/33024933/script.module.simple.

Update: The above links are no longer working and so I have uploaded the files to dropbox myself:

Next uninstall the YouTube 3.1 plugin from xbmc and then install the two plugins that you just downloaded.

Many thanks to anteo for the fix!


7 thoughts on “xbmcbuntu 11 (Eden) – YouTube Plugin 3.1 Playback Issue

      1. Just to let you know Mike, I did download the plugin from your new link fine but still experienced a few errors with aspects like signing in (related to the username / real name change I think?) and some categories and searches not always working.

        The Common Plugin Cache then seemed to wake up and ‘fix itself’ and I was eventually pushed a very latest version of the YouTube plugin with my Frodo RC2 install, everything works perfectly now. Thanks for providing me with a working stopgap fix though!

  1. I downloaded XBMCBuntu Eden and yes youtube does not work and allso when I install your extension, the error is still there, do you have any clues why is that so…
    regards, Borut
    btw I did update the whole system through apt-get upgrade…

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