ViMP – Upgrading From Version 2.2.x to 2.5 (Ubuntu Server 10.4 Lucid)

Yesterday I finally upgraded ViMP Community Edition to 2.2.x and so today I am upgrading to 2.5.x.

At the time of writing the latest version of ViMP is vimp.framework-2.5.4-r19900-community.tar.gz – which can be downloaded from here.

For clarification my system variables are as follows (obviously you may need to change them if yours are different):

  • ViMP installation directory – /var/www/showvid/data/
  • MySQL user – root
  • MySQL ViMP database – showvid

The upgrade process was as follows.

First backup the ViMP directory and copy the ViMP tarball to your server.

Copy the tarball to /var/www/showvid/data:

sudo cp vimp.framework-2.5.4-r19900-community.tar.gz 

Change directory to /var/www/showvid/data/:

cd /var/www/showvid/data/

Extract the vimp-framework tarball:

sudo tar xvzf vimp.framework-2.5.4-r19900-community.tar.gz

Delete lib/auth/stAuthProvider.php

cd /lib/auth/
sudo rm stAuthProvider.php

Next we need to run the data/sql/updates.sql file from the ViMP tarball – make sure that you extract the tarball on your computer so that you can import it to your server.

Note: there are other .sql files in the sql folder but they are only used if you have modules installed etc.

Updates.sql can be run from the command line but I found it easier to use phpmyadmin – which can be installed as follows:

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

I selected Apache2 as the webserver to reconfigure and then selected No to configure a database for phpmyadmin. Open a browser and open phpmyadmin on your ViMP server: http:\\<server-ip>\phpmyadmin. Log in with root and your mysql password.

Select the showvid database in the left hand panel and then click the import tab. Click the Browse button and select updates.sql in the data/sql folder. Then click the Go button.

Finally change directory to /var/www/showvid/data and rebuild the ViMP installation:

sudo ./symfony rebuild
sudo ./symfony i18:import

I did get an error when I imported updates.sql but ViMP did successfully upgrade.

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