ViMP – Upgrading From Version 2.1.x to 2.2 (Ubuntu Server 10.4 Lucid)

This post has been in my drafts folder for about a year as I had an unresolved issue trying to upgrade to ViMP version 2.2x. I finally had time to look at it again today and everything went smoothly – and I can’t remember what I did differently when it was not working. Note that I do not have any modules installed in ViMP and so I am not covering how to upgrade them (see here).

For clarification my system variables are as follows (obviously you may need to change them if yours are different):

  • ViMP installation directory – /var/www/showvid/data/
  • MySQL user – root
  • MySQL ViMP database – showvid

The upgrade process was as follows.

First I updated my Ubuntu 10.4 Server:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Next backup the ViMP directory and then download vimp.framework-2.2.1-r19622-community.tar.gz from here.

Copy vimp.2.2.1 to the home directory of your ViMP server and then copy it from the home directory to /var/www/showvid/data:

sudo cp vimp.framework-2.2.1-r19622-community.tar.gz 

Change directory to /var/www/showvid/data/:

cd /var/www/showvid/data/

Delete the lib directory:

sudo rm -Rf lib/

Change directory to config:

cd config/

Delete databases.yml and propel.ini:

sudo rm databases.yml
sudo rm propel.ini

Return to the data directory and delete the contents of the cache directory:

cd ..
sudo rm -Rf cache/*

Extract the vimp-framework tarball:

sudo tar xvzf vimp.framework-2.2.1-r19622-community.tar.gz

Configure the showvid database and rebuild the ViMP installation:

sudo ./symfony configure:database mysql://DBUSER:DBPASSWORD@localhost
sudo ./symfony rebuild
sudo ./symfony i18:import

Here my DBUSER is root and DBNAME is showvid.

Now that I have finally upgraded to 2.2.1 I can start work on upgrading to 2.5.x!

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