Ubuntu Server 10.4 Lucid – Upgrading Feng Office (Community Edition)

It turns out that upgrading Feng Office is actually very simple. I had installed Feng Office Community Edition version 1.7.4 recently and a few days ago found out that version 1.7.5 had been released.

It is advisable to backup your current installation before upgrading.

Log in to Feng Office as Admin and then click the Administration link:

Click the Upgrade button:

Click Start automatic upgrade:

Wait a couple of minutes and then log back in to your new version of Feng Office.

8 thoughts on “Ubuntu Server 10.4 Lucid – Upgrading Feng Office (Community Edition)

  1. Hellomy friend. I had installed Feng Office Community Edition version 1.7.4 on my Ubuntu Server 11.04. But when I tried to upgrade to 1.7.5 (by hitting Automatic upgrade button) I received message like wait wait wait wait and finally “You already have lastest version 1.7.4”.
    So I had to upgrade manually from Feng Office Wiki. I don’t know why I had this issue, and you are fine.
    Any idea?
    Anyway very informative blog.
    Thank you.

  2. I’m not sure off the top of my head why you had this issue other than some quirk with your setup – it will be interesting to see if the issue persists when the next version becomes available.

  3. Hello Mike. I installed Feng Office based on this tutorial:
    Actually installation went pretty well – no errors and issue.
    I installed my LAMP again based on howtoforge.com tutorial.
    I installed OpenGOO Backup Plugin and Bulgarian language package.
    Also I found some other people compaining from the same issue on Feng Office forum board.
    Manual installation went well – no MySQL issues or errors.
    Today I tested and modefied your Backup scripts. I must say you have done a pretty good job.
    I found your tutorials very informative and useful.

    Zdravko Genov

  4. Sorry my mistake. I mean manual upgrade went well with No – MySql issues or errors,
    I saw your installation tutorial, next time I will follow your tutorial.
    Other issue I have – the cron job (in Administrative Panel) linked to OpenGoo Backup Plugin in my opinion not work property.
    This issues don’t really bother my, but it is good to collaborate with other Feng Office users.

    Zdravko Genov

  5. I wasn’t too struck on the backup plugin either … but the scripts seem to work quite well which is nice (although an incremental backup would be better I think).

    It’s great to see other people using Feng Office – I especially like it for the Calendar and tasks – and having email reminders is great! The search seems to work nicely too and I like the concept of the workspaces. The only thing that would even better IMO would be the ability to save documents to formats other than html or pdf 🙂

  6. Yes Mike, same with me. I would like to see ability to edit .doc and .docx documents online.
    For Backup scripts.
    I have TP-link 1043ND wireless router with USB, I have connected USB HDD 500 GB to my router’s USB and Samba Server (I think it is samba installed directly on the router) for this HDD.
    So I mounted my USB router HDD in my Ubuntu Server and I modified your script to write on my USB router HDD.
    By the way your “tar” command gave me some sort of error, so I replace “tar” with “zip”.
    Sudo zip – r….
    I modified as well your Mysql backup script with my root MySql password, I know I’m suppose to use my feng MySql password, but I have no idea about my Feng SQL password (my memory not serve me well).
    I’m on my way to try .html to .pdf plugin. We mainly work with MS word formats and I hope Feng or We will find some solution about .doc and .docx formats.

    Thank you for your attention and for the great tutorials.

    Zdravko Genov

  7. Great write-up, bit old. Care to try out sgs and a review ? simple groupware is what it’s called. switched n stuck to it after trying feng. not spam.. sorry, no contact us page on here.

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