Windows – Sound Output Switching Utility

Whenever I need to switch the sound on my Windows PC between my speakers and my headphones it annoys me to have to go into the Control Panel to do it.

With a little bit of searching I found a great little utility called Sound Shortcut.

The utility does not need to be installed to run – but I created a folder in C:\Program Files for it so that it would not be accidentally moved or deleted.

When you run Sound Shortcut you will see a new icon in your system tray (as circled in red below).

Right click the icon and you will see a menu with the option to run Sound Shortcut on start-up.

Click the Start-Orb then Control Panel and then the Sound icon and you will see your current sound outputs.

As you can see I just have my speakers and headphones listed (as I had removed my SPDIF output from the list).

Now that I have just the outputs that I need listed I can quickly and easily switch between them by pressing Alt+1 or Alt+2.

Switching between audio outputs really couldn’t be simpler!


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