Firefox 4 Opens On The Wrong Monitor On A Dual Monitor Setup

Using Firefox 4 on Windows 7 with dual monitors I noticed some odd behavior when moving and maximizing windows between my two monitors.

I had moved Firefox to the left monitor and now wanted to move it back to the right hand monitor. I would reduce Firefox from being maximized and then move it to the other monitor and maximize it before closing it. When I opened Firefox again it would open on the left monitor instead of the right monitor.

The fix was simple enough – reduce Firefox from its maximized state on the left monitor, drag it to the right hand monitor, and then close it (un-maximized). This time Firefox would open on the correct monitor and could be maximized and closed without further issue.


5 thoughts on “Firefox 4 Opens On The Wrong Monitor On A Dual Monitor Setup

  1. FF4 uses the monitor of the last window you maximized.

    So if you move the window to the correct monitor, and restore then maximize the window. It will save that location for the next time you open a new window.

  2. it doesnt start on the right monitor even if u maximize FF on the monitor and close it opens on the screen but jumps really fast to the other monitor

    1. Same problem here, nothing worked. Had tochange for some reason fstab lines for mounting ntfs-Disks to: UUID=xxx /media/path ntfs defaults,nls=utf8,umask=000,uid=1000 0 0 and since then FF opens in the right window. Maybe FireFox download path has something to do with this.

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