Windows 7 x64 – Fixing PunkBuster Issues with Enemy Territory

I recently re-installed Windows 7 and tonight I got round to installing Enemy Territory (ET), only to encounter issues with PunkBuster not running (despite being enabled in the game).

I had installed Enemy Territory and the 2.60 patch only.

The fix was to manually install PunkBuster as follows:

Download and extract

Run pbsetup.exe and click the Add a Game button. Select Enemy Territory from the drop down list and then Browse to the location where you installed ET. Then click the Add Game button followed by Check for Updates.

Download pbsvc.exe and run it to install the two PunkBuster Services.

This was enough to fix the issue for me – remember to run ET as an Administrator!

3 thoughts on “Windows 7 x64 – Fixing PunkBuster Issues with Enemy Territory

  1. I’m looking for a solution because whilst ET works without pbsetup, behind the scenes (use Process Monitor to see) it keeps reading etkey over and over many hundreds of times a second. I found a place where you can get the legacy .htm file so you can add ET in pbsetup howerver, et.exe crashes when started. Thrashing the disk degrades the game’s performance so that good players (usually with old untouched setups) have the edge. Not fair.

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