Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid x86 – Segmentation Fault After Update On VMware ESXi 4.1


I have been experiencing this problem for a while with Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid 32-bit (running open-vm-tools) in VMware ESXi 4.1 (but hadn’t got round to looking into it). During the installation of updates I get the following prompt for grub-pc prompting me to Continue without installing Grub? The only way to proceed at this point is to tick the check-box and click the Forward button.

The problem is that after rebooting I get a Segmentation fault message:

If you know that this is going to happen then you can take a snapshot of the virtual machine state before running Update Manager and de-select the following updates before updating your system (see also screen-shots below):

  • grub-common
  • grub-pc
  • linux kernel 2.6.32-xx (New Install)
  • linux generic kernel

If it is too late for that then you can try some of the following steps.

Some people have reported that changing the Guest Operating System to Other, Other (32-bit) fixed the issue and enabled them to boot.

Click VM, Edit Settings and then the Options tab in the vSphere Client virtual machine console to change this setting.

I shutdown my virtual machine and tried this but got the following error:

So I clicked Edit Settings again and set my Guest Operating system back to Linux, Ubuntu Linux (32-bit). I also checked the Disable acceleration check-box in the virtual machine General settings:

While this enabled me to boot the virtual machine successfully it is hardly a great solution as the virtual machine does not perform well.

I also read that editing grub and setting rootdelay=90 might fix the issue. I tried this by editing /etc/default/grub and adding the following line:


Then I ran this command to update grub:

sudo update-grub

I shutdown the virtual machine and turned acceleration back on but the machine still did not boot.

Fortunately none of my x86 Lucid virtual machines are critical in any way and I could always install Lucid x64 or Maverick which I have read do not have this issue. Still it would be nice if a decent solution was found for Lucid x86 which is a LTS release after all.

Sources: Ubuntu forum, Launchpad Bug, Ubuntu Forum


5 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid x86 – Segmentation Fault After Update On VMware ESXi 4.1

  1. I had the same problem, I recovered the machine by typing ‘reboot’ at the initramfs prompt and holding the shift key as it restarted into Grub. I then booted using the entry (the default is I downloaded startup-manager from the Software Centre to make the change permanent, or you can uninstall the 2.6.32-32 kernel files in Synaptic. Anyone know of a way to fix it so that we can use the later kernel?

  2. It appears to be relate to the CPU as well… Same VM after installing grub-pc runs on one ESXi host with Intel E5420 but not on the ESXi host with Intel E5320. Both ESXi hosts are on same version ESXi With the change of OS type from Ubuntu (32-bit) to other (32-bit), the VM run without problem as well now on the Intel E5320 host.

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