Amahi – Version 6 Released

Amahi (a linux based home server) reached version 6 today boasting many new improvements and features.

Amahi is now based on Fedora 14 and sees updates to the storage pooling technology (Greyhole), App installation reliability, and an improved User Interface.

The most interesting improvements / features include:

  • Greyhole (storage pooling technology) has been updated to version 0.9.
  • Greyhole now uses MySQL as a back-end with a 10x performance increase.
  • Webapp aliases make it much easier to host applications externally on the internet.
  • App installation now relies on distributed mirrors.
  • Amahi Sync – an application that allows users to sync, share and backup files online (Pro or Ninja account required).

A Pro account currently costs $7.95 per month with 50Gb of online storage, while Ninja costs $15.95 per month for 150Gb. To me this seems a little costly compared to some of the other cloud storage options that are out there.

Amahi 6 certainly looks like an interesting proposition to anyone looking for a Linux alternative to Windows Home Server


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