Uninstall Symantec Norton Antivirus Enterprise Without Entering Password

If you are faced with Symantec / Norton Antivirus (SAV) Enterprise asking you for an uninstall password you can try the default password “symantec or edit the Windows registry so that a password is no longer needed, as follows:

  • Click Start and then click Run. Type regedit and then click OK.
  • In Regedit navigate to the following key:
Administrator Only\Security\
  • Change the value for the useVPuninstallpassword key from 1 to 0.
  • Close Regedit.

You can now uninstall SAV without needing to enter a password.

This should work on most versions of Symantec or Norton AntiVirus clients from version 7 through 10.

Source: Zeropaid

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