Windows Home Server – Problem With WHSBackup.exe

Tonight I decided to take a quick look at my Windows Home Server (WHS) because my recorded TV shows (stored on WHS) were stuttering when played through my Media Center PC. This is something that I had already attempted to tackle here, with demigrator.exe.

What I found was that the WHSBackup.exe process was using 50% of my CPU for long periods of time. A client backup was actually running when I looked and then the WHSBackup service failed when it got to 99%.

I rebooted WHS and then took a look in the WHS Console to discover that no machines had been successfully backed up for 6 days. So I manually set a backup running and it did complete, so I am hoping that the reboot has fixed whatever the issue was, at least for now.

Otherwise the WHS Console reports that all my drives are healthy and my system is up-to-date with Windows Update – so fingers crossed for now!


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