Windows 7 x64 – Cannot Install Windows Live Essentials After Uninstalling Live Mesh Beta

Today I was forced to uninstall the Live Mesh Beta because Windows Live Essentials 2011 (which includes the replacement for Live Mesh) would not otherwise install. I am not too happy about this as the Live Mesh replacement does not work with XP or Windows Home Server (Version 1).

Never-the-less I uninstalled Live Mesh and downloaded the Live Essentials 2011 installer. The problem was that the installer thought that Live Mesh was still installed and would not install any Live Essentials software.

The solution to my woes was thankfully brief:

  • Click the Start Orb.
  • Type regedit in the search box and then press enter.
  • Delete the following registry key – note that <YOURSID> will be a value that is unique to you:

After deleting this key I was able to install Live Essentials successfully.

Source: Microsoft Forums


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