Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid – Black / Blank Screen During Installation (Live CD)

Today I set about installing Ubuntu on an old laptop – and in the back of my mind half expected some kind of issue. The laptop was a bare-bones one from Aopen – and even under Windows XP this system had been very fussy about drivers. Surely Ubuntu’s infamous driver support would not let me down?

I booted the Live CD and part of the way through the boot process the screen went blank and the system just sat there – no CD or hard drive activity at all.

The solution was quite simple and straight-forward.

Reboot the system and boot from CD again. When you get to the following screen press any key to access the boot menu on the Live CD:

Select the Language that you want to use with the arrow keys and then press Enter.

Select Try Ubuntu without any changes and then press F6. This will bring up a small menu at the lower right hand corner of the screen. Press the Escape key to exit the menu and then type the following at the end of the command line at the bottom of the screen:

i915.modeset=0 xforcevesa

Press Enter to continue booting from the Live CD.

This enabled my laptop to finish booting from the Live CD. There was a moment of garbled graphics on the screen and a period where the screen was blank but the CD and hard drive activity was constant during this time, which meant that everything was working as it needed to.

Once the Live CD was loaded I was able to install Ubuntu as normal – and I did not need to install any additional drivers to get everything working!

Source: Ubuntu Forums


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid – Black / Blank Screen During Installation (Live CD)

  1. Amigos aqui estoy de nuevo,a ver si me se explicar,tenia instalado (y tengo)ubuntu 10.4
    el caso es que todo iba bien pero tuve un problema con windows 7 y el arranque,total que ubuntu me arrancab y windows no,bueno tengo 2 seven en el mismo pc,uno me iba y el otro no,entonces al arreglar el seven me encontre con que mi particion de ubuntu esta ahi pero no puedo arrancar con ella no me sale la opcion al arrancar mi pc,como restauro el arranque de ubuntu sin volver a fastidiar los seven?por favor amigos les pide ayuda y a poder ser con alguna explicacion no muy compleja pues sou nuevo en el tema jeje

    [Babel Fish Translation]
    Friendly I am here again, to see if to explain, installed tapeworm to me (and I have) ubuntu 10.4el case is that everything went well but I had a problem with 7 Windows and the starting, total that ubuntu me arrancab and Windows no, good I have 2 seven in the same PC, one went to me and the other no, then when fixing seven me encontre whereupon my partition of ubuntu this but I cannot there start with her does not leave the option when starting my PC, as I recover the starting of ubuntu without returning seven to annoy them? please friendly it requests aid to them and to power to be with some new explanation not very complex then sou in the subject jeje

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