Vista SP1 – Enable Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions

Typically only one user can be logged on to Windows Vista via Remote Desktop – and when another user logs on the current user is logged off.

Fortunately there is a hack that enables concurrent Remote Desktop sessions in Vista – enabling multiple users to be logged in remotely at the same time.

The hack should work on Vista Home Premium, Business and Ultimate editions with Service Pack 1. I can only confirm that it works on Vista Business. It will not work if you do not have SP1 installed.

Installing the hack is very straight-forward – simply download the hack, extract it and then run install.cmd as an administrator.

Add user accounts and enable them for remote desktop as follows:

Click Start, Control Panel, User Accounts and Manage another account. Click Create a new account and then Create a password for the account.

To enable remote desktop click Control Panel, System and Remote Settings. Click the Select Users button and then the Add button – then type in the name of your user accounts and click OK.

The hack was scripted by untermensch on the Greenbutton forums.

Update: I wanted to see if installing Service Pack 2 for Vista broke this hack and I can confirm that it did!

Source: Digiex

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