Timekeeping in Ubuntu Virtual Machines (VMware)

I prefer to rely on NTP rather than VMware Tools to manage the timekeeping in my Ubuntu virtual machines.

I setup NTP with a script and copy a ready-made ntp.conf from a web-server to speed up the process, which (unscripted) is as follows:

Using the terminal, first install ntp:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ntp

I prefer to use nano to edit files in Ubuntu so you can install nano if you desire:

sudo apt-get install nano

Next make a backup of your existing ntp.conf:

sudo cp /etc/ntp.conf /etc/ntp.bak

Open ntp.conf as follows:

sudo nano /etc/ntp.conf

The contents of my ntp.conf are below:

# /etc/ntp.conf, configuration for ntpd; see ntp.conf(5) for help
tinker panic 0
restrict default kod nomodify notrap
server 0.vmware.pool.ntp.org
server 1.vmware.pool.ntp.org
server 2.vmware.pool.ntp.org
server 3.vmware.pool.ntp.org

All in all a pretty straightforward process, especially when scripted!


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