Free Antivirus for Windows Home Server – WHSClamAV

Installing anti-virus on my Windows Home Server (WHS) is something that I have been thinking about for a while. Even though all of my WHS clients run anti-virus software I still thought that it would be prudent to protect my WHS,  just in-case. I had planned to purchase Avast for WHS but with WHS version 2 (Vail) apparently due later this year I did not want to commit.

WHSClamAV is an open source project that is still under development, hence some of the functionality available in the GUI is not complete – for example, the scheduling and settings tabs, and the user defined scan do not work at the present time. Nevertheless WHSClamAV will scan memory, the system and data drives, or individual share folders from within the WHS console.

The installation of the WHSClamAV add-in is the same as any other add-in for WHS – simply download the .msi file to your WHS Software/Add-Ins folder and then install it via the WHS Console (Settings > Add-Ins > Available Add-Ins). I installed version 0.1.7.

In the WHS ClamAV add-in click the Install button.

ClamAV will then download and install.

The WHSClamAV interface is pretty self explanatory with Quarantine, Scan and Update being the main features available.

While WHSClamAV may not be as fully featured as a paid for anti-virus solution it offers additional peace of mind for free!


5 thoughts on “Free Antivirus for Windows Home Server – WHSClamAV

    1. Yes, afraid so Jim. In theory having Anti-virus on the client computers should be enough I guess – having said that though it looks like Microsoft might have support for Security Essentials on Windows Home Server Vail.

      This is the best free option that I could find – last time I looked there were some that you could buy for WHS if you need more functionality …

  1. Avast offers the family pack that has 10 Avast Pro licenses and a WHS system license. We signed up for 3 years at $50/year and it covers all the computers in our home. While not free it is the most cost effective solution I’ve found. I got tired of updating the free licenses on all our home systems. The license also allows for commercial use of computers in the home, so home businesses and those that work from home are covered by this.

  2. Today i have installed WHS ClamAV. I first de-installed a preloaded version off mcafee. There were no problems during the installation 😉
    It looks very basic and it is obvious there is a lot of work to be done, but for basic AV on my ACER H340 WHS i think is most sufficient.
    I hope there is a regular sequence updates and I’m looking foreward to see how this is developing.

    success !!

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