Comcast – Enabling Closed Captions – Motorola DCX3400 (HDMI)

Having just moved to Comcast for cable TV I have discovered that the captions feature on my TV does not work anymore. This is because the HDMI cable between my set-top-box (STB) and my TV cannot carry closed captions for the TV to decode.

The problem is that there is no way to enable captions via the Comcast on-screen menu system.

It turns out that you have to turn of the set-top-box to enable captions – so it is not terribly convenient to turn them on and off anymore. This is the button sequence on the Comcast remote to enable or disable captions:

  • Press the Cable button and then the Power to turn the STB off.
  • Press the Menu button (on the STB).
  • Press the Down Arrow button until you get to Closed Caption option and then press OK to enable / disable captions.
  • Press the Power button twice to turn off the STB off and on again.



5 thoughts on “Comcast – Enabling Closed Captions – Motorola DCX3400 (HDMI)

  1. Thanks, The morons at comcast insisted the problem was with my TV, even though my TV is only 2 yrs old. They spend a half hour with me on the phone and could not solve the problem. They scheduled a tech to come to my house at a cost to me of $29. I saw your post and fixed the problem in less than 2 min. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you!

    1. Thanks Rich, you would think that in this day and age turning the caption on and off would be just be a button on the Comcast remote. It’s a real shame that their own tech support could not help you either!

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