How to Mount .iso Files in Windows 7 Media Center

Windows Media Center is gradually evolving but there are still things that it can’t do – such as mounting and un-mounting movies that are .iso files.

To achieve this we need to install two applications that will allow both Windows, and Media Center, to respectively mount and unmount .iso files.

To mount .iso files I downloaded and installed Virtual CloneDrive on my Media Center. Installation was very simple – I just clicked Next through-out the installation to accept the defaults. This enables me to mount and unmount .iso files from the Windows 7 desktop.

To achieve the same functionality in Window 7 Media Center I installed Mount Image (which is available in 32 and 64 bit versions for Windows 7 and Vista Media Centers):

Again, I just accepted the defaults for installation.

Now when I select an .iso in Media Center it is automatically mounted and ready to play.

If you ‘eject’ an .iso file in Media Center it just un-mounts the file for you which should make mounting the next .iso a little quicker.

All in all a quick, painless and free solution!

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