AT&T U-verse Customers Beware …

I am finally at the point where I can begin to put the nightmare of switching to AT&T’s new U-verse system behind me.

Four weeks ago an AT&T technician came to my house to install U-verse. Things did not got well and the tech advised me not to go with U-verse because I would be lucky to get a single HD stream – he then promptly forgot to cancel our phone and DSL disconnection notices …

After three weeks of calling AT&T I was told that our original disconnection notice (to move from DSL to U-verse) was stuck in the system and that was why we could not get reconnected. No-one at AT&T seemed to know how to fix it though.

Worse was sadly yet to come … I Then found out that because I had been moved to U-verse in the AT&T system I couldn’t go back to AT&T’s DSL service! That would require an over-ride would which would take an additional 7-10 business days, followed by another 2-3 business days to get connected again! That means that AT&T would not be able to resolve the issue in less than five and a half weeks!

As if that were not enough the AT&T CO nearest to my house had now run out of ports – yet another obstacle to getting my DSL back – capacity planning fail!

During over three weeks of calls no-one at AT&T took any kind of ownership of my problem. Only one AT&T representative ever called me back. I was completely fed up with the incompetence, ineptitude, endless transfers and apologies. I could only conclude that AT&T did not care about its customers and this letter from AT&T confirms it (as I was still without internet when I received it):

March 24th, 2010

Dear […]

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked to resolve your recent concern.

At AT&T California, our goal is to consistently deliver exceptional service to every customer. We regret that we did not meet our commitment to you.

Now that we have addressed your concern, I hope that we have also been successful in restoring your confidence in us […]

So I gave up any hope I had of getting AT&T to expedite anything or keep any of their promises for when I might eventually get connected to the internet again. I called Comcast and was online less than 24 hours later!

“It’s a great day at AT&T, how can I make it a great day for you too?”


I called AT&T to cancel my phone service with them today – this was the only service I had left with them (other than cell phones).

The AT&T rep tried desperately to try and make me stay with AT&T and said that she loves her U-verse and the picture is great, and even though she does not have a HD TV she is sure that the picture would have looked great on my HD TV!

On what planet would I pay for four HD streams only to be happy with none?

Only on planet AT&T!


3 thoughts on “AT&T U-verse Customers Beware …

  1. AT&T’s uverse is the worst of the worst and in particular in their crappy FTTN incarnation.

    Cable companies are not perfect but I bet they are far better than AT&T. If you can get comcast DOCSIS3.0 that would be great, even with the 250GB cap it is worth trying. TWC is not that bad either especially if you live in areas with DOCSIS3.0 like NY, TX and others.

    YMMV but get everything (phone, TV and internet) from the cable companies… you won’t be so sorry.

    just my 2 cents.

    1. Well, there’s not much more to say other than what I wrote about Larry? Or did you mean talk to a wider audience about it?

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