Tranquil PC – Safe Server Module (SSM) for Windows Home Server

Tranquil PC’s Safe Server Module (SSM) offers RAID 1 protection (mirroring) of the Windows Home Server (WHS) Operating System.

Safe Server Module (SSM).

It comes with 2x 500GB 2.5” HDDs and a Tranquil PC build of Windows Home Server (PP3) for SQA-5H, which is their premium Home Server product.

It looks like the SQA-5H series can take five 2Tb hard drives, so installing the SSM could potentially costs you 1.5Tb of storage space.

Of course you could always add more drives via the USB ports at the rear but to me that is an ugly option for a dedicated low power appliance such as this.

It is quite possible that the SSM will be compatible with other OEM Home Servers and it has in fact been tested on a handful of non-Tranquil servers without any obvious issues. My only real concern is the apparent lack of cooling for the drives.

To be honest WHS should have some kind of protection for the WHS installation out of the box. The SSM looks like a great product and I will certainly be looking at something like this for my WHS Vail build sometime in the future.

The SSM costs £169 (excluding VAT 17.5%).

Source: Tranquil PC


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