Left 4 Dead: MOTD Banners

Wanna customize your Message of the Day (MOTD) and Host Banners in Left4Dead? Well, here’s how to do it …

Originally I followed this guide but I ran into issues with the host banner which displayed html code rather than the image that it pointed to.

In the above screen you can see my customized host and MOTD banners along with the names of the files that control which images you see – host.txt for the host banner and motd.txt for the MOTD banner. These files are located in the /hlds/l4d/left4dead directory on your server.

Now the images that you select will be resized depending on the screen resolution of the players connecting to your server. So I made my images the following sizes (which should support a resolution of 1920 x 1080:

host banner – 605 x 121

MOTD banner – 1076 x 538

So I created both of my banners as .jpg files and uploaded them to photobucket.

Next we need to look at the html template that we need that will point to the images that we uploaded.

<head><title>Left 4 Dead 411</title></head>
<body style=”margin:0px;padding:1px;background:#000000;”>
<img src=”URL for host or banner image” style=”width:100%;height:100%;” />

Copy and paste this into two new files named host.html and motd.html – just make sure that you change the “URL for host or banner image” part according to your URLs for the host or banner images on photobucket.

Upload host.html and motd.html to some webspace that allows public access – I used Sitesled to host mine for free!

On the server you just need to edit host.txt to contain the URL to your hosted host.html file and then edit motd.txt to point to your motd.html URL.

Now in theory you should be able to put the contents of the .html files that we created directly into the host.txt and motd.txt files on your server and have it work – but I found that (for whatever reason) the host banner simply would not work – it displayed html code instead of the banner image. That is why I hosted mine as .html files – and once I did that everything worked.

The only additional issue that I had is that the motd image seems to be resized smaller and then streched slightly (rather than being viewed at its native size) at higher reolsutions – so my advice (if you experience this issue) is to keep your text fairly large so that your MOTD does not look bad.

So here you can see what the host banner looks like in game by pressing the Tab key.

12 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead: MOTD Banners

  1. Thanks Mike for the quick response.My name is Mike also. I am not sure on that one.Doh!!! I tried the sitesled link and the site its self. Do you know of any other free host? Thanks again for folloing this blog so well..

  2. Hey Mike I created an account with extreem and I saved the files as HTML. I uploaded the files to extreem and copied the code for each file to a motd and host file for our server. the images do not show up but the text code does.I am going to try something different and hope it work.Do I need to save the files,to upload to extreem as HTML only or HTML complete?I tried to post the html code here but it will not let me…There is also the direct link code and the IMG code. Did I use the correct code?thanks for your patience and help here….TY Michael [USMCc]*M][Gwww.usmcc.com

  3. What program are you using to edit your html? I just copied and pasted in to notepad and saved as .html I would use the direct link code so that it looks exactly the same as the examples I provided (but with your image links instead of mine).

  4. I have notepad but I do not have an option to save as a html file.I have been opening my files with IE and then saving them as HTML complete or HTML only…

  5. Hey Mike. Good News. I downloaded a text editor called Notepad ++.I was able to save the text as HTML and uploaded it and now my MOTD image shows uo on our server but the HOST image does not. It shows the text code only. I did what you suggested anf made the images the size that you suggested.Got any other thoughts on this?Thanks againMichael…

  6. Glad that it is half working at least! Without being able to see exactly what you are doing I'm not sure why the host one is not working for you … 😦

  7. I have tried everything including redoing everything for the HOST banner.here is our server ip and you can see what is happening… USMCc Left4Dead Server.If you can email me I can send you the code I have for my host image and see if there is something wrong with it.Email = michael.kastner@gmail.comThanks MikeUSMCc*M][G

  8. Thanks CT got it workin' now.Here is a Question for you and Mike. Is there a way to have the MOTD as a flash movie. Real short..Is there a way to embed the link???Thanks again guys…

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