Enemy Territory: How to install Omnibot on Jaymod

I am not sure when Onminbot 0.7 will work on Jaymod so I decided to give installing Omnibot 0.66 a go on my Jaymod 2.18 test server.

The first hurdle (for me) is that glibc is not installed in Ubuntu JeOS and initially I thought that I needed to install it from source – fortunatley I found that I could just do this instead:

sudo aptitude install glibc-source

Then I downloaded Omnibot 0.66 and extracted it and then copied the Omnibot and Omni-bot folders to the enemy-territory folder on my server.

Now that the Onmibot files are in place I needed to tell Jaymod where to find them – so I opened up server.cfg in the Jaymod folder and added the following (just change the path to your own Enemy Territory installation path):

set omnibot_path = "/home/etserver/enemy-territory/omni-bot/"

I found that there were still a couple of things that I needed to do to actually get Omnibot to work and to get some bots to play against … the first was because Omnibot produced an error when I ran the server:

OMNIBOT: load '/home/etserver/enemy-territory/omni-bot/omnibot_et.so': 
failure: libstdc++.s o.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or 

A quick google and I found how to install libstdc++.s o.5:

sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

Great, so I ran the server again and Omibot loaded but there were no bots … so I made some changes to /home/etserver/enemy-territory/omni-bot/et/scripts/et_autoexec.gm. This is where you can change your bot settings and I just un-commented the following two lines to quickly get some bots up and running:

// Set minbots/maxbots on map start

Visit the Omnibot site for more information about Omnibot!


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