Enemy Territory: ETPro Semi-admin setup

I’ve just figured out how to setup etpto semiadmin which allows for the use of rcon commands without using the rcon password!

Simply create a file called etpro.cfg in the etpro folder on your ETPro server:

//semi admin levels - 0 disables semiadmin. You can have up to 99 semiadmin
//levels. Here 1 states that there is one semiadmin logon
set b_semiadminlevels 1

//semi admin password. If we were defining a second semiadmin password then 
//we would set a password for semiadminpass2, and so on through to 
//semiadminpass99 if required.
set b_semiadminpass1 "password"

//semi admin commands - this defines which rcon commands the user of a 
//given seminadmin password can execute. In this example, the ability to 
//kick players.
set b_semiadmincmds1 "kick"

All that is left to do then is to add +exec etpro.cfg to the bash script that starts the server!



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