Enemy Territory: How to make a transparent watermark for ETPro with GIMP

In this tutorial I am going to convert the ETPro logo into a watermark for an ETPro server. If you don’t have GIMP installed download it from here.

Once you have the logo open in Gimp select the magic wand tool: 

Hold the shift key and select all of the black areas of the logo until the whole image is selected.

Click Edit and then Copy.

Next click File then New to open a new window.

Set the Image Size to 256 x 256 pixels.

Expand the Advanced Options and set the Fill with drop down menu to Transparency.

Click OK.

In the new window click Edit and then click Paste. Now we have the logo with a transparent backhround.

save the image as a .tga file.

Now we need to create a .pk3 file with the watermark in it that we can upload to our etpro server.

So, create a folder on the desktop called watermark. Open the watermark folder and create another folder, I will call mine pow. Open the pow folder and put your .tga file inside this folder. Mine is called pow.tga.

Now return to your desktop so that you can see the watermark folder. Select it and make it into a compressed zipped folder. Now change file file extension from watermark.zip to watermark.pk3.

Upload this .pk3 file to the etpro folder on your server.

The final step is to add the following line to server.cfg in the etpro folder on your server:

set b_watermark pow/pow

Here the first pow refers to the folder in our pk3 file and the second pow refers to the file name of our .tga file.

Reboot the server, and viola!


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